Friday, June 22, 2012


Song: Restless
Artist: Karin Park
Album: Highwire Poetry

I've been listening to the new album by Sweden's Karin Park, digging it's dark electro, and thinking... this entire time, it was Karin from Sweden's The Knife and Fever Ray.  But apparently... they are not the same person. (???)

First off, they have the same voice.  Which was the start of my problem.  And I think I was confused when I initially read about her because "Highwire Poetry" is produced by Barry Barnett and Christoffer Berg, who have produced... The Knife and Fever Ray.   And her name s Karin.  And she also writes with her brother.  AND there's the same voice thing.

Anyhow, now that I'm over that, it turns out "Poetry" is Park's fourth album, part of a continued slip from the more pop-leaning style of her 2003 debut "Superworldunkown,"  to a deeper, darker, electronic sound that... well it sounds like the bloody Knife.  Who are good, so you should check this out.

"Restless" starts things off with a sexy bang, and has been the track that's grabbed me the most.  But the album is consistently good and boarders the edge of moody electronica and vocal electro-pop.  Give it a spin.


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