Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Charles in Charge

Song: Charles in Charge
Artist: Jimmy Fallon
Album: Blow Your Pants Off

When I first saw Jimmy Fallon's Neil Young impression, performing an American Idol reject's self-penned "Pants on the Ground," I almost fell off my chair.  The impression was SO good you just couldn't help but freak out over the ridiculousness of the material.  And when he got Bruce Springsteen himself to duet on a cover of Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair," I just thought it was the best thing ever.

Jimmy Fallon's new record "Blow Your Pants Off," is basically a collection of these moments from his show, including "Whip My Hair" as well his "Slow Jam the News" with Brian Williams, and a cover of "Friday" with Stephen Colbert.

I hadn't seen these bits on the show, but the two tracks that have been really cracking me up are The Doors doing "Reading Rainbow," and Bob Dylan singing the theme song to "Charles in Charge."  Fallon sounds so much like the original artists that you could put them on for people that don't know and they might not even realize.  Hysterical.


Charles in Charge
Reading Rainbow

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