Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Burning Feeling

Song: Burning Feeling
Artist: Lovelock
Album: Burning Feeling

Here's a fine example of some good retro-future space aged disco from producer Steve Moore (Zombi, Gianna Rossi) who veers from horror soundtrack music to 80's electronic with an Italo disco bent.  It sounds old, but new, timely and dated.  Give it a listen.

A mostly instrumental affair, "Burning Feeling" takes you on a journey in the best sense, from the bubbling get-things-started title track that starts the record, to the more quiet, ambient moods of "South Beach Sunrise."  The 8.5 minute "Don't Turn Away (From My Love)" is a standout, as well as the dirty night-out strut of "New Age Christ."  Disco gold.

Digging this record, check it out.


Burning Feeling

Don't Turn Away (From My Love)
Love Reaction

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