Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hang it Up

Song: Hang it Up
Artist: The Ting Ting's
Album: Sounds from Nowheresville

It seems like ages ago (over a year) since we got a new Ting Ting's song, the last being the single "Hands,"  back in 2010.  I loved that song, a new more dance direction that we all thought was the start of their second record... then "Hands" didn't do as well as their previous singles... and then nothing happened.

Well, now well over a year later we are finally getting new music, but things might not be so good in Tingtingsville.  The new record, "Sounds from Nowheresville" is scheduled for release next month, but the new songs aren't from the "dance" sessions when they wrote in Berlin back n 2010 (where "Hands" came from.)  Apparently all of those tracks were scrapped... and not only scrapped, the band have said they deleted them.  Hmm.

Well, what we have now is the official first single from the new album, "Hang it Up" which does sound like classic Ting Ting's... but also a little lifeless.  It certainly doesn't have the punch of "Shut Up and Let Me Go" or "That's Not My Name."  It's not a bad song per say, it just doesn't have the sparkle their earlier singles did... and not to mention that this is how they decided to start their comeback.  Odd.

Well, we'll reserve judgement for the full album, in the meantime... let me know what you think of "Hang it Up."  Have they lost it?


Hang it Up
Silence (Bag Raiders Mix)

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