Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Best of 2011: Foster the People'

Best of 2011

Song: I Would Do Anything for You
Artist: Foster the People
Album: Torches

"Pumped Up Kicks" has got to be the out-of-left-field hit of the year.  A demo that caught viral fire in 2010 and forced lead Mark Foster to get it in gear and record a full album of tunes.  January saw the release of the song on iTunes as part of a three-song EP to wet appetites while the band tried to finish the debut album.  And in an amazing twist, a great record was written and recorded while the song was getting under everyone's skin.

Once I personally got over the shame that I only came to know of the band (and the song) in August, I simply got sucked into the sunny melodies, catchy chorus' and lyrical obtuseness of "Torches," a little album that could that turned out to be one of the year's best.  A front-to-back great listen.

Although, like R.E.M.'s "The One I Love" and The Police's "Every Breath You Take," "Pumped Up Kicks" remains a huge sing-a-long hit that many many singing along don't have any idea what it's really about.  But that is part of the remarkable story of the song... can you imagine intentionally trying to write a pop-rock hit song about a Columbine-esque school shooting?  Yeah, me neither.

I really really liked this record, which is much more than "Pumped Up Kicks," despite subsequent singles not catching on.  Will be very interested to see what they do in the future.


I Would Do Anything for You
Pumped Up Kicks

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