Monday, October 10, 2011

Wild Window

Song: Wild Window
Artist: Fool's Gold
Album: Leave No Trace

Fool's Gold are an L.A.-based indie-rock band that melds 80's inspired dance-pop, African rhythms, and Hebrew/English lyrics.  I hear a little Vampire Weekend, whom I never truly got into, though they're really the only indie-touchstone that marries their love of a variety of African music, 80's synths, and straight up power-pop music.

The band was formed by Luke Top and Lewis Pesacov as initially a collaboration, then a full-length album, their self-titled debut which was released in 2009.  They added band members and toured, the line-up constantly changing until they whittled down to a tight five-piece.  For their follow up, "Leave No Trace," Top ditched singing in Hebrew and focused on expressing himself in English.

I liked the sound of this record, nothing outrageous or earth-shattering, just good pop-rock music.


Wild Window
The Dive
Street Clothes

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