Thursday, September 01, 2011

Good for Nothing

Song: Good for Nothing
Artist: Hard-Fi
Album: Killer Sounds

The hits just keep on coming...

This is really shaping up to be a pretty exciting Fall for music.  Time with new albums by The Rapture, The Whip, and Cicada, have reinvigorated my musical interest as this Summer is dying, not to mention some great albums by new bands Foster the People & Young the Giant... but also by bands working on their second or third records (Pnau, I'm From Barcelona.)  This continues with Staines, Surrey's Hard-Fi, who just released their third full-length "Killer Sounds" late last month.  I'd heard of the band but never followed them, but based on "KIller Sounds," I have some back work to do.

Getting some production work from heavy hitters Stuart Price and Alan Moulder, the band have crafted a great rock and roll record that uses some elements of dance music to round out their sound.  Funny, this is the album I'd hoped the Kaiser Chiefs had made... oh well, onto Hard-Fi.

First single and opening track "Good for Nothing" reminded me of the beer-swigging, bloke-rock of The Fratellis, a very English blast of brashness.  It's also wildly catchy, and I envision this one as a late-night drunken sing-a-long... though it might lead to a fight.  It has that energy.  Current single "Fire in the House" completely shifts gears with some deep beats and atmospheric sound effects.  I hear a little of the Scissor Sisters "Invisible Light" (Mr. Price?) and Depeche Mode, but the song rocks out on the chorus... it's a serious grower, I love it.

The more I listen to "Killer Sounds" I'm hearing an English version of the Killers.  Super catchy guitar rock with dance music elements and choruses you want to shout at top volume.  "Give it Up" and "Bring it On" continue the party/fight-starting energy... which is held for the whole album.  Some tracks rock a bit more, some are bit more dancey, but they are all pretty amazing.

I have a feeling my friend Mike will like this record a lot.  Mike, if you're reading this... get this album!


Good for Nothing
Fire in the House
Bring it On

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