Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Song: Everybody
Artist: VHS or Bets
Album: Diamonds and Death

Another happy September surprise... a new album by Brooklyn-via-Kyntucky disco-rock band VHS or Beta!  It's been way too long since 2007's "Bring on the Comets," and I've been wondering when new music was arriving from the boys.  The wait is no longer as "Diamonds and Death," their fourth album, comes out on the 27th.

I've been a bit taken aback as the new album is a bit more atmospheric than the hook-heavy "Comets" and "Night on Fire."  It's not ambient for sure, just doesn't have the wall-to-wall grooves and party-starters from the last two albums.  This isn't a terrible thing, and "Diamonds and Death" certainly has upbeat moments... but it also seems to be more layered than past work, a bit more attention to production detail and mood building.

First single and first track "Breaking Bones" is a nice kick-off, with stuttered beats, some 90's House leanings, and then a deeper, space-like groove.  And just shy of the two minute mark, that razor bass hits... and suddenly it sounds very VHS or Beta.  The next two tracks, "Under the Sun" and the album title track, slow the tempo down a bit, giving way to the albums aforementioned moody turn.  An immediate favorite on the album for me is "Everybody," a sort of compromise between this new VHS or Beta, and the groove-tastic band of old.  Though compromise isn't the correct term for such a great song, it's got a great vibe to it.  Gold.

Still digesting this one...


Breaking Bones
Diamonds and Death
I Found a Reason

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