Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Year of the Dragon

Song: Year of the Dragon
Artist: Slice & Soda
Album: Slice & Soda

I came across this very odd little record a couple weeks ago, and it seems I just can't stop going back to it.  It's a bit more experimental than I usually go for (almost shut it down within the first minute of the first track) but when the vocals kicked in... and some of these insane grooves.  I was sold.

Slice & Soda are being described as "protofunk/disco" by their label Sixpack France.  They consist of DJ/Producer Para One and Boston-based singer San Serac.  I do hear elements of funk, disco, rock, and videogames... very LCD Soundsystem.  I'm also hearing a heavy Bowie influence.

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As mentioned, opening track "She Knows" initially put me off with it's crazy swirling noises in the first minute, but when the beat kicks in at 1:05, the album suddenly takes off.  It has a sleazy, dirty/sexy vibe that is very disco, but has that rock Bowie vibe I mentioned before.  "Gasoline Fire" is very LCD Soundsystem, with a persistent cow bell, a throbbing bassline, and dramatic piano.  LOVE IT.  The groove of "Year of the Dragon" is as amazing as it is off-kilter, and one of the best tracks here.  "Shake Up" starts off a bit slow, but finds its groove quickly.  "Dead of Winter" has a crazy deep beat and bass, a super-throwback house party peak-hour smash... by the time you get to this point you're blown away... and only just half-way through.  I'm also slightly reminded of "Blind" by Hercules & Love Affair when listening to this album, though admittedly, nothing reached those heights here.

Lots and lots of pleasurable dirty grooves are to be had on this debut, a funk odyssey that is actually quite catchy and fun.  I get visions of downtown Detroit in the 80's, or some coked-up club in the East Village circa 2002.  Impossibly "now..." by looking backwards...

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Year of the Dragon

Gasoline Fire
Shake Up

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