Thursday, August 11, 2011

Get in Line

Song: Get in Line
Artist: I'm From Barcelona
Album: Forever Today

I was a big fan of the 2006 debut album by Sweden's "I'm From Barcelona," but was put off my their sophomore slump of a second record, "Who Killed Harry Houdini?" from 2008.  The same poppy magic just wasn't there, and that failed momentum caused me to not even bother with "27 Songs From Barcelona," an album where each band member (yes, they are down from the original 29) sang a different track. So you'll forgive me if I blew off their latest offering, "Forever Today" for most of the year only to pick it up again recently to find out... wow, this is their best record.

Admittedly, I'm From Barcelona are not for everyone... their twee sound, sunny disposition, and non-stop goofy hooks just won't jive with everyone.  I really loved their song "We're From Barcelona" from the debut album, and suppose I was looking for them to top the highs of that just-over-three-minute slice of pure pop heaven.  "Houdini?" didn't have one that was close... so it was a nice surprise to listen to "Forever Today" and find the band basking in the same delightfulness of that debut.  Rejoice!

Things jump right out of the gate with "Charlie Parker," a tribute to the jazz great that knocks you aside the head immediately with an infectious melody and an obvious return to their original sound.  "Get in Line" takes their regular sound but adds a healthy dose of synths and a deep bass groove.  It's different for the band, and yet stays right... ahem, in line with what you know from them.  It's as close as the band's gotten to straight-up dance, with a pomp and strut that just puts a smile on my face.

"Forever Today" is one track after another of sunny melodies, group sing-a-longs, handclaps, and optimism.  It's an album for sky-high happiness and positive feelings... so if you're in a grouchy mood, this might cure you, or send you over the edge.  That's really where my warning comes in... it's not a record for everyone, but if you like what you hear a bit, this might be your album for end of summer.


Get in Line
Charlie Parker
Always Spring

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