Friday, July 29, 2011


Song: Borderline
Artist: Michael Gray
Album: Borderline

Here's something a little fun and upbeat to start your weekend.  My friend and reader Nick introduced me to this track a couple months ago.  I liked it, but as the summer has been on for some time, I'm finding myself listening to it more and more.  It's a fun disco-house track that can get you moving, or perfect for cocktails at sunset next to some fab pool bar.  Cheers!

Nick told me the track was on a compilation of pretty standard gay-centric dance tunes but that it was by far the standout.  The disco influence is nice, and possibly what pricked Nick's ear... though it's not dated at all, very current.  Well... for a track from 2006, but you know what I mean.  There is a lot of dance music of this ilk out there that doesn't get much play, at least here in the States, outside of gay bars... though this is just the type of track that's big in Europe, and doesn't have a chance of being heard here on the radio.  But truth be told... much of it is very by-the-numbers and doesn't thrill me.  This song does.

I thought I had never heard of Michael Gray, but it turns out that he was part of the Remix/Production duo known as Full Intention. (with Jon Pearn.)  Full Intention was pretty huge back at the start of the millenium doing remixes for the likes of Jennifer Lopez, George Michael, Whitney Houston, Ultra Nate, and Duran Duran to name a few. I really loved their rework of George's killer single "Amazing" back in 2004.  According to Wikipedia, he's working on some new solo singles, as well as new music under Full Intention.

It should be noted, this is NOT a cover of the Madonna classic, but for fun, have you ever heard this?  It came up two tracks after Michael Gray while I listened to "Borderline" and it gave me a chuckle. (Just after Pepper Island's "Borderline.")

Enjoy and Happy Friday.

Somewhere Beyond
Amazing (Full Intention Remix) - George Michael

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