Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Live Those Days Tonight

Song: Live Those Days Tonight
Artist: Friendly Fires
Album: Pala

Friendly Fires are a British dance punk/alternative dance act who formed in 2006.  Their self-titled debut album came out in 2008 and their follow up "Pala," named from the Aldous Huxley's novel Island, came out last month.  The album didn't grab me initially, but I've grown to really like it over some time.

I'm a big dance rock fan, love the arty goofiness of Franz Ferdinand and the sleazy cock rock of Electric Six (EARLY Electric Six.)  Friendly Fires sound nothing like those two.  The band has a little Shy Child, a little Empire of the Sun, and a little Miami Horror going on.  I guess it's a lot less punk and a little more straight up pop-rock with some upbeat drums and minor electronic flourishes.

Lead track and first single "Live Those Days Tonight" is a stunner, a bit of a dramatic opener that's catchy, dark, and fun.  I'm not sure why Coldplay came to mind while listening to it as it doesn't really sound like them, but it's got their flair for "grand."  I might be losing my touch but going through "Pala" I am reminded of another band that I just can't place.  There's something very familiar about their sound... hmm, it will probably come to me later.

"Pala" is less concerned with grab-ya hooks and more with atmospheric yet punchy rhythms.  I also liked second single "Hawaiian Air" and the broken-beat mild funk of "Hurting" which gives me a little George Michael, a very little.

"Pala" is, if nothing else, very consistent.  A good collection of songs without filler.  Check it out.


Live Those Days Tonight
Hawaiian Air

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