Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2 Hearts

Song: 2 Hearts
Artist: Digitalism
Album: I Love You Dude

About a year and a half ago my cousin Evan introduced me to German industrial/dance duo Digitalism via their debut album, "Idealism."  I immediately heard Daft Punk's sound, whom they list as their inspiration, along with film soundtracks.  "Idealism" was pretty good, though it was more of a straight mood record than something you mine for singles.  (Not unlike Daft Punk's recent soundtrack to "Tron: Legacy" actually.)  But given their new single "2 Hearts," I'm wondering if they are looking for a big single a-la "One More Time" of their own.

The band was formed in 2004 and consists of Jence Moelle and Ismal "Isi" Tüfekçi.  They are signed to the French label Kitsune and released their debut album "Idealism" back in 2007, which spawned four singles.  They've done remixes for the likes of The Presets, The White Stripes, Cut Copy, Depeche Mode, Tiga, Klaxons, and Daft Punk themselves.

"2 Hearts" is the second track we've heard from their soon to be released sophomore album "I Love You Dude."  In November of last year they released the "Blitz" EP, which will be included on the new album.  "Blitz" sounded even more like Daft Punk from their "Discovery" period, a pummeling instrumental that's propulsive and hard driving.  But "2 Hearts," in comparison, is downright pop.  In the past, while they have had vocals on some of their tracks, they were very distorted a lot of the time and not the focus of the song.  (Save for maybe single "Pogo" off "Idealism.")  "2 Hearts," on the other hand, dips a toe into Joy Division-esque gloom rock, and adds some 80's-ish beats and flourishes.  Lyrically it's WAY more upbeat than Joy Division, and yet has a dark charm that really grows on you.

Little else is known of the new album, but it has been noted that Julian Casablancas of The Strokes has co-written a song called "Forrest Gump."  It's been a long four years since "Idealism," so possibly the band has really taken its time to make something very special.  I'm looking forward to hearing it.  In the meantime, check out "2 Hearts," it's a great track.


2 Hearts

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