Monday, April 11, 2011

Out of My Mind

Song: Out of My Mind
Artist: Tyson
Album: Die on the Dancefloor

I always like a good mystery, and even better when it's steeped in modern-day, retro-sounding disco.  (Haha)  Making a bit of a splash across the blogosphere is a mysterious unknown named simply "Tyson" who has released just a couple mind-blowing dance tracks that truly sound like classics.  He's opened for A-Trak, Chromeo, Boys Noize, and Justice... but who is this guy?

You won't find much info on his MySpace page, and while I've 'liked' him via Facebook, his posts have just consisted of links to music, moody photos, or odd phrases like "Dressing good is a way of life!" or most recently, "Man is man!"

But without these killer tracks we wouldn't care, and thus far I've managed to find just three amazing songs that all sound like throwbacks, yet in different styles, the first of which being the Giorgio Moroder-meets-Sylvester epic "Die on the Dancefloor."  It starts with a familiar sounding beat, and then Tyson's amazing falsetto-dipped vocals appear.  It's quite amazing, filled with as much disco drama as you can pack into seven minutes.  (I'm referring to the extended version, but you can listen to the edit on the MySpace page.)

"Out of My Mind" has an 80's vibe to it that is so familiar yet I can't place it.  I hear a little Laura Branigan... but mostly I see it being played over scenes in the Karate Kid with William Zabka's nasty Johnny. (Despite not making sense lyrically for Mr. Sweep the Leg.)  Recent leak "Ran for Love" sort of splits the different between the two songs, but is equality brilliant.

Hard to pick just one but you can listen to all three tracks below.  There has been a handful of remixes I haven't checked out yet, so this guy is making the rounds... but who is he?  I'm going to keep on the look out for new info and new songs, but in the meantime, we'll let the retro-disco mystery be.


Out of My Mind

Die on the Dancefloor (Extended)

Ran for Love

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