Friday, March 25, 2011


Song: Faith
Artist: Boy Least Likely To
Album: The Best B Sides Ever

So now that the week is wrapping up and I sort of fell into a mini-covers week, I was scratching my head as to what to end the week with.  I had been really digging the Ellie Goulding and La Roux songs from this week for the last month or so, and the Bette cover I first heard just a wee ago seemed a perfect fit... where to go?

Well I have been listening (and cringing) to George Michael's new single "True Faith," (listen below) a cover of the New Order classic.  I just am not feeling it... he slows it down, and has altered his gorgeous voice for what?  Initially I thought he was auto-tuned, which seems crazy because again... that dude can sang.  But I've actually found out it's a vocoder, like Cher (another actual singer) used on "Believe."  Okay... but why?  My friend Geoff pointed out how topical the lyrics are with his recent string of drug-related troubles.  Okay... but I'm still not feeling it.

Well, quite apropos... it was Geoff who clued me in to today's song, a cute acoustic-at-the-toy factory take on the George Michael classic "Faith."  I've kind of been on a "Faith" jag as of late due to the recent reissue.  This fits in all rather nicely no?

I don't know Boy Least Likely To very well.  I got their last album, "The Law of the Playground" but it didn't completely grab me.  BUT, I am realizing that since I tear through so much music... a lot of good stuff slips by.  I'm human!  And actually now that I have "Playground" bopping through my headphones this AM I think I need to go back to it.  AND, if you like the sound of their "Faith," it might be worth checking out.

The Amazon link is for that album, but you can get "The Best B Sides Ever" at this link here.

Enjoy... thanks Geoff!

Faith - Boy Least Likely To

When Life Gives Me Lemons I Make Lemonade (single from Law of the Playground)

True Faith - George Michael

What do y'all think of this?

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