Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Drive Me

Song: Drive Me
Artist: Blancmange
Album: Blanc Burn

About three years or so ago I reached out to my readers as I wanted to have a more obscure 80's week (I with the penchant for 80's music) with the goal to highlight some good 80's music I'd never heard of.  I was then introduced to under the radar acts like Method Actors, Hilary, Godley & Creme, Shona Laing, and Q-Feel.  During that time a reader (apologies I don't remember who) told me about British synthpop band Blancmange who I read about, listened to some singles, etc.  The band broke up in 1987, but reformed and just released an album last month... and it's good!

"Blanc Burn" is Blancmange's fourth album coming twenty-six years after their last, 1985's "Believe You Me."  They first rode to prominence in 1982 with the surprise breakthrough track, "Living on the Ceiling" from their debut "Happy Families."  They had a slew of relatively successful singles over the next three years, though none reached the highs of "Living on the Ceiling," though "Don't Tell Me," from sophomore set "Mange Tout," came close; reaching #8 on the UK charts. ("Ceiling" reached #7)

The band is composed of duo Neil Arthur and Stephen Loscombe, who each released an album in the long break between Blancmange records.  I don't have info on what brought the band back together, and while I am not familiar with any prior albums as a whole, "Blanc Burn" is a pretty assured effort, a mix with a variety of styles from Synthpop, more straight up dance, as well as Indian and other various world music influences.

The album is a bit quirky, and lead single "Drive Me" will give you an indication of what to expect.  The album is refreshingly laid back, not in-your-face, and is certainly worth a listen, especially if you're an old fan of the band.  Check it out.


Drive Me

The Western

By the Bus Stop @ Woolies

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