Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Nobody Knows You

Song: Nobody Knows You
Artist: The Office
Album: Mecca

How quickly we forget...

Way back in 2006 (!!!) I highlighted the Chicago-based band The Office after my good friend Rob gave me a copy of their self-produced & released album "Q&A."  I loved the record and knew they had just signed to a new label (Scratchie Records) with plans to re-record earlier tracks, including those on "Q&A" for their "first" album.  Well, I forgot about The Office, until my friend Cicely mentioned "Q&A" and how much she liked them.  Oh right!

Well, since 2006 the band did release that first record, "A Night at The Ritz" in 2007 and also a follow up, "Mecca" from 2009.  "Ritz" was a blast from the past here and there with some of my favorite tracks from "Q&A"; "Wound Up," "The Big Bang Jump," sounding great with a couple new tracks I didn't know.  "Mecca," which I've also been listening to, is more of the same in the best way, guitar-driven pop that's catchy, crunchy, with memorable melodies all over the place.  Welcome back!

Admittedly, these two albums are running together for me as I've been devouring them simultaneously, save for those tracks that I did recognize from their previous album.  But I've been yearning for some rock music to connect with and these two albums fit the bill.  And, I was happy that the move to a label didn't hinder their sound at all, and "Mecca" proves they're not flashes in the pan... though I have not ONCE heard about these guys mentioned, even in indie rock circles.  But maybe I'm just not talking to the right people.

There aren't many clips available on YouTube but check out the below to get an idea of their sound.  I'm loving "Nobody Knows You," "Enter Me, Exit You," and "Everything You've Witnessed" from "Mecca."  Check this band out if you haven't.


Enter Me, Exit You

Wound Up

The Big Bang Jump

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Fun, I like this one.