Friday, February 04, 2011

Better Off Dead

Song: Better Off Dead
Artist: The Sounds
Album: Something to Die For

I've been a fan of Sweden's The Sounds since their 2002 debut "Living in America."  They've always reminded me of Blondie, a dance-rock band with a dynamic blonde singer, in The Sounds case, the beautiful Maja Ivarsson.  Their fourth album, "Something to Die For," is set to be released at the end of March.  The first single, "Better Off Dead," was released this week.

Aside from single "No One Sleeps When I'm Awake," I was a bit disappointed with their third album, 2009's "Crossing the Rubicon," especially after it seemed the band really honed their sound on their excellent sophomore album, 2006's "Dying to Say This to You."

I've only gotten to hear two tracks from the new album but their both pretty excellent.  Title-track "Something to Die For" is a fun disco-rock rave-up, very Sounds, very fun.  A steady beat, toy piano, and some Cars-like synths churn together in a pretty irresistible New Wave package.  Fist single "Better Off Dead" is a bit different.  This one slowly grows once it begins, until a serious beat kicks in around :45 seconds in, and then explodes into more New Wave bliss a minute in. Good stuff.  And the breakdown about half-way through the track is pretty insane.  Nice!

Well, with two thus-far solid tracks already, I'm pretty excited about "Something to Die For."  The band hasn't had a breakthrough track yet in their career and maybe it's here.  We'll see if this fourth record has the charm.


Better Off Dead

Something to Die For

Tony the Beat

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