Monday, January 10, 2011

Hold it Against Me

Song: Hold it Against Me
Artist: Britney Spears
Album: Hold it Against Me (single)

In the very early months of 2011 two huge pop acts were promising huge new singles from their forthcoming albums, America's Train wreck Britney Spears (who admittedly has had very little crazy over the last two years) and Lady Gaga, and artist that has taken the pop world by storm like no other we've seen in a number of years.  Gaga has been touting her new album as "the greatest of the decade" and it's title-track first single as an "anthem."  Britney's new work has been more of a mystery, with her producers just promising something hard and "edgy."

First out the gate is Britney's new single "Hold it Against Me," to be released on January 11th, with the as-yet untitled album due in March.  The song is the most "club-ish" she's ever done as a single, with a hard beat, yearning chorus, and... more hard beats.  It's pretty intense, and maybe not exactly what I was expecting.  It's very Euro-disco, with a surprising breakdown (for a pop single) just two minutes in.  While it may be "hard and edgy" for the States, this is the sound of European club music.

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Hold it Against Me

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