Friday, January 14, 2011

Do You Need Someone

Song: Do You Need Someone
Artist: Beth Ditto
Album: Beth Ditto EP

Beth Ditto of the Gossip had done a song, "Cruel Intentions" with English duo Simian Mobile Disco on their last album "Temporary Pleasure."  A mid-tempo Nu Disco track that was moody and sold, as she does, by Ditto's amazing, strong voice.  She's teamed up once again with the guys of S.M.D. for a four-track E.P. that basically picks up where "Cruel Intentions" left off.

I was a huge fan of the Gossip's last album "Music for Men" which I thought should have brought them into the national spotlight, as Ditto really shined as a new voice for her generation.  The Beth Ditto E.P. goes for a more cool electro than the rock of the Gossip but it's undeniable that it is Ditto, her voice, and her melodies that remain the backbone of her work.

First track "Someone to Talk To" is a shimmering slick track that, like "Cruel Intentions" is mid-tempo and relies on a sexy atmosphere over catchy hooks.  It's quite beautiful.  "Goodnight Good Morning" is in the same vein and swims in this cool icy blue electro for a solid seven minutes.  "I Wrote the Book" has a touch of 90's house and is a bit more upbeat than its predecessors.  And "Open Heart Surgery" is a great self-empowerment anthem that again goes for more atmosphere than hooks.

It's unclear if Ditto plans to do a full album solo or not, but I certainly am eating up whatever she's serving.  This is really good, check it out.


Do You Need Someone

I Wrote the Book

Open Heart Surgery

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