Thursday, December 30, 2010

Time Machine

Best of 2010

Song: Time Machine
Artist: Robyn
Album: Body Talk

Over the course of 2010 WeCastMusic probably sometimes seemed like it turned into a Robyn fan blog... but can you blame me?  By breaking up her new album (her first in five years) into three "parts" throughout the year and releasing one official single with each was a masterstroke, and built up interest throughout the entire year.  By the time that "Body Talk" the album was released I'd already been completely won over, and hearing the album as a whole just reinforced it... 2010 belonged to Robyn.

2005's stellar self-titled album really got me into the Swedish singer and I was unsure if she'd not only be able to top that album, but also improve on the incredible single "With Every Heartbeat."  But when I heard "Body Talk Part 1's" "Dancing on My Own," I knew we were getting something magical.  What I didn't realize was just how good "Part 1's" other tracks would be, how amazing the other singles from the other parts would be, and then... just how much "Dancing on My Own" would sink in.  Once again like Sia, it was a mind-blowingly excellent Fred Falke remix coupled with the original that made my love for the track grow, and as the year closed it became my hands-down favorite song of the year.  A dancy, emotional anthem that gets under your skin, into your heart, and refuses to leave your head.  There was no better single this year, I still can't stop listening to it.

"Part 1" was amazing start to finish, though I must admit that aside from the stellar single "Hang With Me," I was a little let down with "Part 2."  Thinking that that might mean "Part 3" was going to be a bit of a disaster (just a bunch of filler) had me pause mid-year, but it all turned around.  Once again "Part 3" contained a killer single, "Indestructible," but it also had four other great tracks.  The single-worthy "Time Machine," produced by Max Martin (whom produced Robyn's first hit "Show Me Love" way before he blew up with mega singles by Britney, N*Sync, Pink, & Kelly Clarkson) is one of the best tracks on the album and my new favorite, while "Call Your Girlfriend" & "Get Myself Together" work seamlessly with the other tracks and are some of the best on the album.

Listening to "Body Talk" the full album became dizzying; had she really released this many great songs in one year?  Added with the great material from "Part 1" and "Part 3" the songs from "Part 2" started to sound better to me, with "U Should Know Better" and "In My Eyes" now among my favorites.  My only complaint is the omission of "Part 1's" "Cry When You Get Older."  I could have lived without "Part 2's" "We Dance to the Beat," but I suppose you Robyn fans out there could argue that "Include Me Out" or "Criminal Intent" should have made the cut.  But that's the brilliance of "Body Talk" as a project.  Robyn knew that in the digital age of buying a song here and there, the modern music listener creates the album that they want, programming their favorites into their own playlist anyhow.  It's a living, breathing thing.  And album of the year, according to WeCastMusic.


Time Machine

Dancehall Queen

Get Myself Together

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