Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh No!

Best of 2010

Song: Oh No!
Artist: Marina & The Diamonds
Album: The Family Jewels

It's the end of the year, time when we take look back at the year that was, what was good, bad, etc.  In 2010 it seemed pop music took a stronger hold on the airwaves, the better albums were those made by already established artists, and music in general was just sort of ho-hum.  There wasn't a lot that made my head spin... but there was still some great tunes released.  Over the next two weeks I'll highlight WeCastMusic's favorite records of the year, sharing another track from records that I possibly have over-covered already. ;)

While I did mostly find myself enjoying new records from artists I already knew and liked, one of my favorite records of the year was the debut by Marina & the Diamonds, "The Family Jewels."  After a couple digital E.P.'s released in 2007 & 2009 respectively, getting the blogesphere excited about her, the Welsh singer released her proper debut this February.

"The Family Jewels" is filled to the brim with quirk, catchy melodies, and lyrically forward-thinking tales of modern life from a refreshingly strong female perspective.  Like a return to the days of Lilith Fair, Marina has sold herself on her stunning individualism and pop craft vs. selling a sexy image as the main part of the package.  A mix of Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Kate Nash, and Mika, Marina has crafted a song cycle that is boldly odd and yet completely melodic.  But it starts off my best of the year list because every track on the album is good.  No filler.

From the piano-based opener "Are You Satisfied?" through the disco-pop of "Shampain" and the marching band of strange that is "Mowgli's Road," the album is chock full of quirky gems that upon several listens do create a fantastic whole, and is by far my favorite debut of the year.  Lead Marina Diamandis is certainly a talent, and I feel that she should have caught on just a bit more than she actually did.  I hope this record is remembered for other year-end lists.  It deserves it.  I'm looking forward to hearing what she comes up with next.


Oh No!



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