Monday, October 18, 2010

Barbara Streisand

Song: Barbara Streisand
Artist: Duck Sauce
Album: Barbara Streisand

Well admittedly, this is a little aggressive for a Monday morning, but I've been really digging this song since I heard it... it's been making the rounds underground for a while, but just recently got released as a CD single last week, and reader Shain just sent me a song by a disco band from the 70's I'd never heard of (Boney M.) who is sampled in the song.  So it all seemed a bit fortuitous.

Duck Sauce the band is a collaboration between DJ's Armand Van Helden and A-Trak.  They formed in 2009 and released an E.P. called "Greatest Hits" which included their singles "aNY way" and "You're Nasty."

"Barbara Streisand" has proved to be their most popular track, still gaining traction in the clubs as well as more mainstream, probably propelled from the cameo-heavy video. (see below.)  But also... it's really such a feel-good track... it's hard to resist.  With the help of the video, it harkens back to a more "fun" era of music... the late 70's and early 80's where the music made the culture, and a good record could save your life on a Saturday night.

And that single cover... really?  I mean... really. ;)


Barbara Streisand

aNY way

You're Nasty

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BriGuy said...

Seriously?? Never heard of Boney M? During the disco era, they were huge - everywhere in the world but the US - almost as big as ABBA. They were created by Frank Farian, who was later responsible for the whole Milli Vanilli mess.