Thursday, September 02, 2010

Bed Intruder Song

Song: Bed Intruder Song (feat. Kelly Dodson)
Artist: Antoine Dodson & The Gregory Brothers
Album: Bed Intruder Song

The internet is blamed for the decline of the record industry, and while it has unquestionably been responsible for the bottoming out of record sales, what it's also done is made people that never would have come close to releasing a record a new voice.  All you got to do is make a song that catches on, get people to listen, and you could be a sensation.  Lily Allen, despite her complaints that you can't make money with the record business as it is now, got her start on MySpace... the same internet was instrumental to her success.

And then there are the unwitting internet sensations, mostly from YouTube that become part of the collective consciousness because they get shared via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  If it makes you chuckle... you can easily have all your friends see it instantly.  Local news stories that wouldn't have normally been seen by anyone outside there area have now become a goldmine on YouTube.  What may have tickled someone based on their humor wouldn't have been able to be seen multiple times, to the point of making it funnier than it is without YouTube.  And because of this, we've seen the "I like turtles" kid, the queeny weatherman with the cockroach problem, Bubb Rubb and Lil' Sis, and the list goes on.  But the case of Antoine Dodson, even given all of them, is quite remarkable.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, check this out:

Almost instantly, this sort of minor story became a sensation thanks to Antoine and his enthusiastic on-camera interview.

Now enter  the Gregory Brothers, a musical group based in Brooklyn, NY whom have made a name for themselves with their Auto-tune the news series.  I'd watched several of them before and they are quite hilarious.  They recently auto-tuned the famous "Double Rainbow" guy, making what was some sort of hallucinogenic fueled freak out into an actual song.  Check it out here.

So when the Dodson clip went viral, they nabbed it, re-worked it with auto-tune... and the results are nothing short of unbelievable:

Now, it's helped that Antoine has a sing-song way of speaking that has lent itself, with a little of that auto-tune, to make it sound like this was made specifically for the song.  It's crazy... and crazy listenable. And this is strictly from a NEWS BROADCAST.

Antoine now has a website, a t-shirt line, and is getting, like the Double Rainbow guy, 50% of the proceeds thanks to the Gregory Brothers... very very cool.  AND this song is currently #40 on iTunes top 100.  40!!!!  And with that, someone whom probably never thought they'd ever achieve any notoriety at all is suddenly making money.  It could be exploitation, it could be the end of privacy, but it also could be fantastic.


Here's a couple of the Gregory Brothers Auto-Tune the News clips.  Check them all out if you haven't already.  Gold.

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