Friday, July 09, 2010

Loving You is Easy (Dave Aude Remix)

Song: Loving You is Easy (Dave Aude Remix)
Artist: Sarah McLachlan
Album: Loving You is Easy

As dance music makes a resurgence on the pop charts I'm reminded how collectively an entire hot genre can fall out of favor, and you wonder... where did all of those CD and concert ticket buyers go?  This summer Lilith Fair, the "alternative" folky female-focused concert festival started in the 90's by Sarah McLachlan, was resurrected, only to have Kelly Clarkson drop out this week, as well as the cancellation of a bunch of dates.  It's a reminder that the elder titans of the genre haven't really had "hits" the way they had in the past.  Despite the release of album after album, the likes of Jewel, Sheryl Crow, Alanis, and festival starter McLachlan herself haven't connected with the size audience they had in the 90's.  Where are these fans?

Well... I'm one of those fans.  I went to Lilith in college, and was a sizable fan of all of the above referenced ladies.  Am I going to Lilith this year?  Never crossed my mind.

So is it me?  Have I fallen along with all the other marketed-to sheep that bend with the tides of culture?  As much as I really liked Sheryl's latest, I certainly didn't listen to it like I had albums past.  And what about Sarah?  How do you fall out of favor with one of the most gorgeous voices of our generation?  Well... when your music becomes as snooze-worthy as your detractors said it was, what do you expect?  McLachlan has recently released her seventh studio album "Laws of Illusion" and while it's very reminiscent of her older material, something is missing.  And I can't place my finger on it.  McLachlan has never been prolific, but like an acoustic-guitar wielding Sade, despite the length of time between albums, you knew that they would be GOOD.  But her last album, "Afterglow" was a complete snore-fest (save for the beautiful "Answer") and I must say... after a handful of listens, I feel that "Illusion" falls into the same category.  :(

First single "Loving You is Easy" is slightly bouncy and pretty lovely.  But I'm reminded of the first singles from her prior album, songs like "Possession" and "Building a Mystery" that had much more than their loveliness.  More weight and relevance could be found in those single songs than in whole on "Afterglow" and now "Laws of Illusion."  Is it just me?

So, instead of serving you up the straight-up album track (Liz Phair took up the female singer-songwriter slot this week) I'm giving you the Dave Aude club remix.  You can't fall asleep to it...


Loving You is Easy

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