Friday, July 02, 2010

Coquet Coquette

Song: Coquet Coquette
Artist: Of Montreal
Album: False Priest

As long time readers know, I wasn't so hip to Of Montreal initially, but their ninth album, "Skeletal Lamping," really took me by surprise and fell for their off-kilter lyrics, mood shift within songs, and lead Kevin Barnes all-around "freak-o-ness."  At the urge of my friend Cicely, and reader Mike in Texas, I went back a couple albums and really got to know, and like, them much much more.

So alas it's been with a bit of anticipation that I've been waiting for new music from the band, and just recently they released for free on their website "Coquet Coquette," the first single from their tenth album "False Priest."  Barnes has stated that the album has "a thick R&B influence" and that they had done away with the midi sounds and sequencers from the last couple albums and decided to return to organic instruments, live drumming, strings, and piano.  There is a more rock vibe on "Coquet Coquette," and starts like a track out of a Tarantino album.  And while it's not as dancey as recent previous stuff, the track is 100% Of Montreal.  It's a grower for sure.  I'm digging it.

Barnes did say that the album was filled with "very dancey, very funky stuff" as well as "holy fuck moments" that happen especially while listening with headphones.  Dig.


Coquet Coquette

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