Thursday, June 03, 2010


Song: T.L
Artist: Micky Green
Album: Honky Tonk

Micky Green is an Australian singer-songwriter (born Michaela Gehrmann) that currently resides in Paris.  She got her start in modeling, which she continues to do a bit as she works on her music.  She released her debut album "White T-Shirt" in 2007, and her sophomore set, "Honky Tonk" was released in January of this year.  I'm not sure why she chose that title as it doesn't match the music.  Instead of honky tonk, we get some jazz-influenced minor funk with electronic (and horn!) elements that leans mostly into singer-songwriter territory.  I've been listening to the album for a while now, and love it as a nice background, mood record.  Micky's voice has a lazy/sexy quality, and while her Australian accent doesn't come through, it does sound like she has some accent happening in there.

Sometimes on "Honky Tonk" I feel like the songs are building to something that they never get to... but that's just the vibe.  In a very (VERY) small way I'm reminded of Sade.  Her voice it tracked in the same way, and a few tracks have that island feel that's Sade's bread and butter.  As I re-listen to the album to write this I realize it is a very diverse record, which a bit of sexy mystery that intreagues you.  Maybe why I've kept going back to it.  It's hard to pick one particular song to highlight, so I'm just gunna give ya the first track, "T.L"which basically sets the record up and sets the mood.  Check it out.



Remember (live)

Oh (from first album T-Shirt)

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