Friday, June 25, 2010

Shoegazer Disco (The Death of Paperboy Pink Noise Dub)

Song: Shoegazer Disco (The Death of Paperboy Pink Noise Dub)
Artist: Morel
Album: The Death of Paperboy DISC-O

Morel is DC based DJ Rich Morel who is most known for his "Pink Noise" remixes of varied pop acts such as The Killers, Nelly Furtado, Seal, New Order, The Pretenders, Cyndi Lauper, and Mariah Carey just to name a few.  His last album, "The Death of Paperboy" was a two disc set containing the dance-rock album, and then a remix record titled "DISC-O."  The original was in the vein of his collaboration with punk music legend Bob Mould entitled "Blowoff," with guitar, vocals, punk attitude, and a consistent beat.  I didn't like it as much as the "Blowoff" album, but really liked the remix version... which packs more dancefloor punch.

My favorite track on the album, "Shoegazer Disco" wasn't on the first disc in a different form, and is his current single, which he is releasing with many remixes.  The album version is a propulsive house track that features Morel's more spoken-word style "vocals" and a killer piano riff that holds the song together.  I really love it.

Morel and Mould have been taking their "Blowoff" dance-party on the road and tonight they are playing the Canal Room here in NYC as a kick-off to Pride weekend.  This is one of my favorite roving parties that comes to the city and I've been to versions in Provincetown, MA and San Francisco, CA.  The big burly furry crowd dances their ass off to rock, electro, and Morel's style of house music.  It's a lot of fun. He played "Shoegazer Disco" at the last party here in the city and I just might hear it again tonight.


Shoegazer Disco (Linus Loves Remix)

Morel "Shoegazer Disco" (Linus Loves Mix) from Outsider Music on Vimeo.

Shoegazer Disco (Roberto Rodriguez Vox Edit)

Shoegazer Disco (Fuzz Mono Mix)

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