Friday, April 30, 2010

Say What You Want

Song: Say What You Want
Artist: Andy Bell
Album: Non-Stop

I chose Pet Shop Boys over Erasure when I was a kid and encountered the gay dance music pioneers. I've since at least gotten into Erasure's amazing greatest hits record, but never felt, from what I heard... that they were "album artists" like the Pet Shop Boys. But regardless, the boys could write a killer chorus... and while Erasure are far from being broken up or done writing new music, lead Andy Bell has embarked on a solo career that started with 2005's "Electric Blue" and continues with his sophomore album, "Non-Stop."

Andy has boldly shed the gay-disco Euro-synth pop of Erasure and has come out with an album of... gay-disco Euro-synth pop. I kid...but the approach is no different from his band for type of music AND his penchant for a killer hook. I really liked "Electric Blue," and immediately dug "Non-Stop" as well. It's more of the same, but it's really well done.

My favorites include opener "Running Out," the shimmering "Say What You Want," and the propulsive "Will You Be There?"


Say What You Want

Will You Be There?

Running Out

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