Friday, April 23, 2010

Not Going Home

Song: Not Going Home
Artist: Faithless
Album: The Dance

Here's one to get your weekend started. British electronic band Faithless is probably still best known for his massive club hit "Insomnia" from all the way back in 1996. They have been releasing albums consistently since then, and have a new album, "The Dance" coming next month. "Not Going Home" is the first single, already remixed by Eric Prydz and Armin Van Buuren.

I always liked Maxi Jazz's droll, almost spoken voice, added on top of trance-style house music. Rollo, who leads the band and produces (and often remixes other artists acts with othe band member Sister Bliss) is probably best known as being Dido's older brother. (Whom has remixed many of her songs.) I haven't followed the band that much aside from a single here and there but heard this new single and really liked it. Check it out.


Not Going Home


God is a DJ


Mike M said...

I've always liked the song "Bombs", but oftentimes I wish they would stick to the great grooves and ditch the "rap" part of the song..

but good choice.

MM said...

Oh..and certainly you can add "All New Arrivals" to your playlist.