Thursday, April 15, 2010

Invisible Light

Song: Invisible Light
Artist: Scissor Sisters
Album: Night Work

I think the time between new Scissor Sisters music takes longer than the time when they have new music out. But the time RIGHT before they release new music? Well that's the best... or maybe it's just me.

Just announced was the release date of the Sisters third studio album, titled "Night Work" which will come out on June 28th. The Stuart Price produced album surprisingly has zero of the tracks the band played when I saw their "secret" show under an alias back a year and a half ago. But given what I read, and that booty-pop cover... (I was just thinking there wasn't enough man-butt on album covers recently) the band is seriously going for a sleazy-dance vibe... and given the first available track, closer "Invisible Light," this is going to be some night indeed. With a Vincent Price-esque spoken word moment featuring none other than Sir Ian McKellen, and a dance-floor euphoria freak-out moment at about four and a half minutes... it's transending, beautiful, AND sleazy. Sisters... can we get like a fifteen-minute remix? Pretty please?

It reminds me a bit of Cerron'e "Supernature," which... despite the title, wasn't really done by Goldfrapp back two albums ago.

"Invisible Light" isn't the first single, (rumoured to be "Fire With Fire") and might not even be a single. But as far as getting me excited for the release of "Night Work?" Well... it did that.


Invisible Light

Fire With Fire (Live at the Bowery Ballroom)

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