Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fool's Day

Song: Fool's Day
Artist: Blur
Album: Fool's Day (single)

Blur's last album, 2003's "Think Tank" was once again a re-invention for the band... a moody electronic album that was missing the bands main guitarist, Graham Coxon, whom reportedly was unhappy with the choice of Fatboy Slim as the records chosen producer, but was also rumored to have an alcohol problem, which was effecting the recording of the album. Coxon's solo records had been rock based, while lead Damon Albarn was having success with his side project Gorillaz, and a newfound interest in electronic sounds.

Coxon only played guitar on one song on "Think Tank"before being asked to leave the band, and while I thought the album was pretty amazing, it drummed up some ire from Blur fans, and it was the last thing the band recorded. Reunion shows in 2009 (with Coxon returning) were wildly successful (selling out in two minutes) and continued rumors that the band was back together. This never materialized, and the the band members continued to work on side projects.

So it came with a bit of surprise that the band released its first single since 2003 this past Saturday as part of Record Store Day. The song's title alone suggests this is a one-off and shouldn't once again begin rumors of a reunion. But the idea of new Blur is so exciting... and while "Fool's Day" doesn't really seem like single material at all... it's still pretty bloody great. And a reminder, even if the song is a bit tossed off, just how great they are together as songwriters.

I want Blur back!


Fool's Day

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