Thursday, April 08, 2010


Song: Fembot
Artist: Robyn
Album: Body Talk Pt. 1

It's sort of hard to believe that Robyn's stellar self-titled 4th album was released FIVE years ago. Up to just last Summer I was still listening to it, a record that had me having a new favorite song every other day. It of course included the once-in-a-career single "With Every Heartbeat," produced by Kleerup, that re-started the album for the rest of the world. Could it have been the pressure of following up that single that caused the delay? (Truthfully, the self-titled album was re-released enough times with new tracks and new mixes, it probably doesn't feel like five years for the artist herself.)

Given that evolution of that album over a couple years, and the state of the music business, Robyn has decided to to something a little different with the follow up. A new interview unearthed that she plans to release three albums this year, with recent clarification that it will actually be one record, "Body Talk" that will be broken up into smaller "albums."

Robyn says about her new work- "I think this splitting a full album up into different releases is, in a way, how people listen to music as well. It’s more about songs now." "But for me this is not an EP or a lesser version of an album. It’s an album, but it’s maybe not the normal length."

So we will be starting with the eight-track "Body Talk Pt. 1" set to be released in June. Two tracks have already leaked, the Diplo produced "Dance Hall Queen," and "Fembot," which she put on her website. I really like both, despite them not quite having the punch of some of the best stuff off "Robyn." Though they are still simmering with me... and neither is the true first single. That song, "Dancing on My Own," will be released with the album in June.

I think this is quite an interesting approach to making a record, though she's admitted that she is still working on the new material, with the first coming out before the others are written. How will that effect the conceptual "album?" And really... does it matter? In the age of MP3 I tend to make the album I like better by omitting tracks in my playlist. So maybe this is just the future. Regardless, eagerly awaiting the first batch of tracks to see where this all goes.



Dance Hall Queen

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