Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Cooler Couleur

Song: Cooler Couleur (f/Yelle)
Artist: Crookers
Album: Tons of Friends

Crookers are an Italian DJ/Production duo who began working together since 2003. They began doing remixes and production work for a variety of artists and over the past couple years have made a name for themselves remixing artists such as Kid Cudi, Britney, and recently, Lady Gaga. "Tons of Friends" is their debut album which was just released last month.

As the album title suggests, the duo got a crazy roster of guest vocalist and rappers to perform on the album. Including; Soulwax, Kelis, Pitbull, Will.I.Am, Spank Rock, Roisin Murphy, Yelle, Kardinal Ofiishall, Miike Snow, Drop the Lime, Tim Burgess, Major Lazer, Leftside, & Supahype, to actually just name a handful.

Despite the seemingly random mix of people from track to track, it doesn't feel disjointed... more like an intergalactic space trip where one crazy thing after another passes before you. You don't really know where you're going... but you enjoy the trip as it enfolds.

Despite not having a great hook, Kelis' "No Security" is a standout, getting me more excited for her dance album "Flesh Tones" when it comes out later this summer. Roisin Murphey's "Hold Up Your Hand" is pretty wild, working a throbbing beat and almost girl group-ish vocals on top of each other. She also contributes vocals to the upbeat "Royal T." One of my favorites if "Cooler Couleur" with Yelle, with it's almost childish sing-songy french until it slows down to bliss out and back again. It made me wonder if Yelle is working on a second album (which I found no information on.)

There is a lot of hip hop on the album, which I connect less with. But it's got a future hip-hop vibe that still keeps the album interesting.


Cooler Couleur (f/Yelle)

Remedy (f/Miike Snow)

Put Your Hands on Me (f/Kardinal Ofiishall)

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