Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Song: Ultralight
Artist: Parallels
Album: Visionaries

From the pretty reliable Kitsune label, comes Canadian synth-pop band Parallels. The trio formed in 2008, with drummer and producer Cameron Findley coming formally from the band Crystal Castles. Their debut "Visionaries" is a pretty solid 80's inspired song cycle. (a genre that I can't seem to get enough of lately.)

Lead singer Holly Dodson has been compared to Kate Bush or "True Blue" era Madonna, but given the music, I find the whole affair a bit like a more upbeat Sally Shapiro. Lead track "Find the Fire" gives you a good idea what to expect. And second track "Ultralight" has Giorgio Moroder written all over it. Now while the marketplace seems to be super-saturated with 80's inspired hipster indie dance-pop, a lot of it isn't very good. "Visionaries" might not have one single that would rocket them to stardom, but it's consistantly a very good listen.


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