Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Road Rage

Song: Road Rage
Artist: Catatonia
Album: International Velvet

Somehow, when I made the switch from listening to CD to iPod-only, Catatonia, the mid-late 90's Welsh Alternative rock band just didn't make the cut onto the computer. I was into them for a bit, liking their pop-rock sound that reminded me a bit of an English version of Belly or Throwing Muses. They released six albums over the course of their six years together (1995-2001) with their third, "International Velvet," making the biggest splash.

I was a big fan of that record, though nothing dates an album more than deciding to write one of your biggest hits around a popular TV show of the time ("Mulder & Scully.") I was also a fan of the punchy "Road Rage."

The band went on to release three more records with less and less commercial interest. I never followed them beyond "Velvet," but apparently they went more dark and less pop in their later years. Going back to albums that I was into over ten years ago, and beyond, and even those I HADN'T been introduced to makes me think a lot about what stands the test of time, and what should... regardless of how dated they sound, remain important to the history of music for expanding a genre, or really creating a new one. I suppose this thought belongs more to Leftfield from yesterday... but also, good bands like Catatonia that might just slip through the cracks in the bigger picture.

I'm rambling... check out Catatonia, and specifically "International Velvet," good stuff.


Road rage

Mulder & Scully (live)

Dead from the Waist Down

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