Thursday, February 11, 2010

Memories(w/Kid Cudi)

Song: Memories (w/Kid Cudi)
Artist: David Guetta
Album: One Love

I'm on the fence about David Guetta. I've found most of his music to be a little annoying, and what I always equate to straight-forward gay club music. Of course that's only because I'm in the States... where club-ready dance music is pretty much saved for the gay clubs, and doesn't cross over to pop radio like it does in Europe. But with "One Love," Guetta has worked with just about every big and popular vocalist, and created the most American radio-friendly dance-pop concoction. (No doubt this album was played OUT at the "house music" lovin' Jersey Shore this past Summer. First pump!)

Of course Guetta will best be known here as the producer of the Black Eyed Pea's ubiquitous hit "I Gotta Feeling," a song I actually quite liked for a while but got a little tired of it when it was EVERYWHERE. That song is also located on "One Love" by way of the "FMIF Remix," which adds the, I'm sorry, cheesy club beats. I have been swayed by Guetta as of recently due to the Calvin Harris remix of the Estelle-voiced title track, which was big room filling epic. Not usually my thing... but I really liked it. (The album version is not as exciting.) But I've REALLY been loving the Guetta produced "Acapella" by Kelis which I blogged about a couple weeks ago... a great club-electro track that doesn't verge into those "cheesy" beats. Amazingly... that's the best song NOT on this record.

But I did give the album a listen after hearing recent single "Memories" featuring the amazing Kid Cudi. I have really jumped on the Cudi train, love his flow and voice, and it really works on "Memories" which manages to not be cheesy at all. It's a standout on the album. I also like future single "Gettin' Over," which features the vocals of Chris Willis on the album, but is getting the superstar makeover when released as a single, with B.E.P.'s and Fergie re-recording the vocals. It opens just like "I Gotta Feeling" anyhow, so maybe it'll sound like a sequel.

So while "One Love" turned out to mostly be what I expected... it does have it's moments. And regardless... it made Guetta a dance-music superstar whom we will no doubt hear much more of in the future. I just wonder why poor Calvin Harris didn't have any cross-over hits with his much much better (in my opinion) album "Ready for the Weekend." Oh well.



Gettin' Over

One Love

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