Thursday, February 18, 2010

Almost Killed Me

Song: Almost Killed Me
Artist: Skye
Album: Keeping Secrets

"Keeping Secrets" is the second solo album from Morcheeba vocalist Skye Edwards. The album was released late last year. Like her work with Morcheeba, "Keeping Secrets" is a moody downtempo slice of middle-of-the-road trip-hop. She has a beautiful, velvety voice, that tips the proceedings towards pretty versus the semi-creepy vibe of a lot of trip-hop. Only "The Shape I'm In" and "Almost Killed Me" pick up the pace a little, but it remains a very cool, very British, sexy album. I recommend it.

I haven't heard her first album, but it's worth noting that Skye isn't just a vocalist, she wrote every song on "Keeping Secrets" herself. She is also well known for covering the Gorillaz track "Feel Good, Inc." as well as lending her voice to a couple charity singles. I still play Morcheeba's first hit single "Trigger Hippy" often, such a good track.


I Believe

Almost Killed Me

Feel Good Inc.

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