Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Explorers of the Heart

Song: Explorers of the Heart
Artist: Music Go Music
Album: Expressions

Best of 2009

A lot of my favorite records of the year are the ones that seem to come out of nowhere, or completely defied my expectations. This may have less to do about the music than my "it's all been done" idea about music in 2009. This may explain my gushing over the Adam Lambert record, as well as the "didn't expect it to be this good" entries from Norah Jones, Ian Brown, and Robbie Williams. But when you discover a record that you literally had zero pre-conceived notions of... and then can't stop listening to it, that's special. And that's how I felt about the crazy goofy "Expressions" by Music Go Music.

A seemingly 70's throwback that I've heard described as Italio-disco, psychedelic, or annoying hipster-pop... I hear an ABBA-esque take on Meatloaf, sprinkled with Blondie... and... and something I'm missing. This is a record that I got, listened to, cracked up, and couldn't put down. These are hand-clapping sing-a-longs that gradually get under your skin if you're up for the trip. The band remains pretty mysterious, with only this meager website. But that continues the element of surprise. And consider the shock when I heard a track while shopping at Old Navy this season. ? Who are these people?

Doesn't matter... this is fun.


Explorers of the Heart

Just Me

Warm in the Shadows

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