Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Song: Abracadabra
Artist: The Steve Miller Band
Album: Abracadabra

When I was around eight or nine I went through a magic phase, which might be de rigueur, for most boys of that age. I'm sure that at this time 'magician' was an actual career option for me when I grew up (you may have had plans to be a astronaut) and I remember having a magic set or two and being obsessed with them. Well, it was around this time that my uncle had gotten remarried and I specifically remember the reception DJ playing this song that was ALL about magic... "Abracadabra." And I became obsessed with it.

Admittedly, this is not much of a story. But whenever I hear this song, I remember that moment and even remember grabbing my Mom's dress and saying "I need this song." I even remember being just outside of the reception room when I found her as she had just been outside in the restroom. What strikes me about this little non-story is how music can be tied to, and possibly CREATE a memory for you. One that can stick with you for your whole life. Often when a song is used in a film it gets married to that image for me, a million associations that I don't actively think about... they are just there.

As a song, "Abracadabra" is, in my opinion now, just a fun moody 80's track. It certainly sounds dated, but I like to play it as it's one that everyone knows, yet might not listen to all that frequently. The Steve Miller Band was very popular with people in High School and college, but more-so their earlier work. "The Joker" goes down as one of my least favorite songs of all time. It's one I cringe at every time it pops up. People seem to like it... I personally file it under hippie songs that drive me crazy, like "Hotel California." (It's not a lovely place for me.)

Do you have any songs that are somehow tied to an early memory?


Abracadabra (live) Steve Miller Band

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Heff said...

When I was a little kid I loved the Safety Dance for some reason. Drove my Father nuts.