Thursday, October 22, 2009

Id Engager

Song: Id Engager
Artist: Of Montreal
Album: Skeletal Lamping

This is not new by any means, but I've been in a new-disco mood lately, so if you are to... this is JUST the thing! Athens, Georgia band Of Montreal (joke?) actually are workign on their tenth studio album "False Priest" which will be released sometime next year. I had never been a fan of the band, saw them once live and thought they were "interesting" but not really my speed, until just about this time last year they released their ninth album, "Skeletal Lamping." I've been re-listening as of late and re-falling in love with this crazy crazy album. And recently have been listening to the last track, the disco-freak out known as "Id Engager." It's really really priceless.

Looking forward to hearing what they come up with next.


Id Engager

For Our Elegant Caste

An Eluardian Instance


Mike M. said...

I'm not sure why the album Sunlandic Twins would not be to your taste...there are a couple very pop, very accessible songs in there.

and try the single "Disconnect the Dots" off an earlier release. Very 60's pop.

WeCastMusic said...

I'll certainly check those out. Rediscovering this makes me very interested.