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Song: Bodies
Artist: Robbie Williams
Album: Reality Killed the Video Star

Reality Killed the Video Star will be the eighth solo studio album of the British singer-songwriter Robbie Williams and is scheduled to be released on 9 November, 2009.

Background information

This will be the first studio album by Robbie Williams in over 3 years. He has worked with many producers in this period, including Guy Chambers, Mark Ronson. and Trevor Horn. However, at the end, the British singer confirmed on his official website that the entire album was produced by Trevor Horn and added that it was recorded in London.

Rumours of a new studio album co-written with Guy Chambers had surfaced in early 2007, along with known commitments required by Williams to his EMI contract. British singer-songwriter Laura Critchley commented that she had sung vocals for three songs, and said that it would not be released until 2009.

In February, it was confirmed that Williams has written material with Guy Chambers and Mark Ronson. The singer's spokesman, Tim Clark, said that the artist was planning to begin the recording sessions in March and that the new album will be released in late 2009.

On his official website, Williams wrote he was working with producer Trevor Horn on his new album too; he described himself as "buzzing, it sounds big. Very, very big". Soon after, it was confirmed that the new album will be titled Reality Killed the Video Star, a reference to the song "Video Killed the Radio Star" by Horn's former band The Buggles.

In July 2009 Williams wrote on his official blog about the album: "My album's a killer: old Robbie, new Robbie and a Robbie that neither of us have met...".

Williams spoke about what he expects from the album: "I want people to feel elated, I want them to dance, I want them to forget about who they are and where they are for 50 minutes – and, within those 50 minutes of forgetting who they are, I also hope people relate to the songs. This is a record that I’m very proud of – I think it’s fucking brilliant. I want it to be the record that, if people think of Robbie Williams, they go, Yeah, Reality Killed The Video Star." He also talked about his collaboration with producer Trevor Horn: "He’s added something to the record that I haven’t had on previous records – his genius".

The album was mostly written in Williams' home studio and was recorded in London. Amongst those who collaborated in the songwriting are Danny Spencer & Kelvin Andrews, Brandon Christy, Craig Russo, Richard Spencer and Scott Rudin, Chaz Jankel, Guy Chambers and Fil Eisler.

In the wake of Michael Jackson's death on 25 June 2009, Williams is reported to have written and recorded a last minute tribute song to Jackson that will be released on the album. The song was co-written by James Bond lyricist Don Black.

The album was originally planned to be named Il Protagonisto until Williams' management told him to change the title for being "too pretentious".

Musical style

The British singer-songwriter unveiled the album at an industry playback in London, where EMI UK and Ireland president Andria Vidler hosted the event. Reality Killed the Video Star seemed to mark a return to Williams' trademark pop sound after 2006's more experimental -- and commercially under-performing -- Rudebox. According to Mark Sutherland of Billboard, "while the lead single Bodies features a refinement of the more electronic sound debuted on "Rudebox", much of the album returns to the fertile, adult pop ground of Williams' previous smash hit albums "Escapology" and "Intensive Care."

The album includes the ballads "Morning Sun" and "You Know Me", the wordplay of "Blasphemy" and the good sound of "Last Days of Disco", song with an arrangement in 1980s style. A confident-sounding Williams experiments with psychedelia on "Deceptacon", "Starstruck" and "Difficult for Weirdos". "Won't Do That" is a love song written by the popstar for his girlfriend Ayda Field. According to the official website of the British singer, Reality Killed the Video Star will be realeased worldwide, in the United States too.

Release and promotion


  • The song "Bodies" has been confirmed as the album's first official single. It premiered on BBC Radio 1 on September 4, 2009.

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Robbie Williams.

1."Morning Sun"
3."You Know Me"
5."Do You Mind?"
6."Last Days of Disco"
10."Difficult for Weirdos"
11."Won't Do That"
13."Morning Sun (Reprise)"
14."Arizona" (Digital download Bonus only)

Release history

  • Reality Killed the Video Star will be available in three different formats: a standard 13-track CD, deluxe edition and digital download. In addition to the standard version, the deluxe edition features premium packaging and a behind-the-scenes DVD.


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