Friday, September 04, 2009

Graffiti Eyes

Song: Graffiti Eyes
Artist: Stellastarr*
Album: Civilized

Stellastarr (styled as Stellastarr*) is an American indie rock band based in New York City. It is composed of Shawn Christensen (vocals, rhythm guitar), Amanda Tannen (bass, vocals), Arthur Kremer (drums, percussion, keyboards), and Michael Jurin (lead guitar, vocals).


The band formed in March 2000 from the ashes of a previous musical effort formed while studying art and design at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. A few years later, after a chance meeting with Michael, who had recently relocated to Brooklyn and had left his former band Charlotte's Funeral behind in his hometown of Philadelphia, the former classmates reunited, this time with Shawn on vocals.

Stellastarr played their first gig at Luna Lounge, formerly on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in July 2000, and released a limited series of independent/homemade EP CDs shortly thereafter. They have toured with (among others) Jane's Addiction,The Raveonettes, Placebo, supported by The Killers, and Editors. Stellastarr have played live in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and Europe.

They recently released their third album, Civilized, and are currently on tour. The songs "Warchild," "People," "Numbers," and "Graffiti Eyes" have been previewed on their Myspace page and all four tracks are on the album, which contains ten tracks.

Vocalist Shawn Christensen had stated that the third album will be "faster, less mid-tempo. More energy, more rock, slightly more aggressive." He also went on to state that he'd been battling with throat issues which necessitated a change in his singing style. "I had to alter the intonation of my voice. I will be singing in a higher register for the most part, where I would normally go to a lower one.”

Members of the band have collaborated with Project Runway winner Christian Siriano and his boyfriend, musician Brad Walsh on music for Siriano's runway shows at fashion week. Michael Jurin played guitar on Walsh's song "Pop" which was the runway music in 2009, and Amanda Tannen contributed vocals to the song "I Got What U Need" on Walsh's 2009 album.




Graffiti Eyes

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