Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nothing to Worry About

Song: Nothing to Worry About
Artist: Peter, Bjorn, and John
Album: Living Thing

“Young Folks” was hands down one of the best singles of 2006, and I recently was thinking about Peter, Bjorn, & John and wondering when they would have a follow up to that songs album “Writer’s Block.” To my surprise… they had already released it. “Seaside Rock” came out in September of last year and I was pretty floored… why hadn’t I heard of it? Well, it was only released digitally and on vinyl, and it was a much more a shoe-gazer-ish sound collage than the pop-tinged material on “Writer’s Block.” Don’t know if this was a way to avoid the expectations of an initial new single that could match “Young Folks” or what but… but in March the band will be releasing a true follow up to “Writer’s Block” entitled “Living Thing.”

The first single is “Nothing to Worry About,” and while they postponed it, this track will be the one most judged against “Young Folks.” So given all that… how is it? Well, I did not expect the hip-hop style beat to come clanging in, or the child-like chorus… is it as catchy as Young Folks? Well… no. But it’s catchy enough… I don’t really think it’s as emotionally successful as “Young Folks” but then again… should we not take song by its own merits?

And yet all I think when I hear this song I think of “Dashboard” by Modest Mouse. Not that it sounds anything like that song but it’s just another serviceably catchy follow up song to a massive out of nowhere hit that will probably not make a quarter of a dent as the initial drop off single. (Yeah, that old story)

Despite all of this malarkey… I’m really looking forward to hearing the whole album.


Nothing to Worry About

Asian greasers... wow.

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