Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bounce (Extended Mix)

Song: Bounce (Extended Mix)
Artist: MSTRKRFT (w/N.O.R.E.)
Album: Bounce (single)

While I wasn’t a huge fan of their debut album “The Looks” from 2006, I have been a fan of a lot of MSTRKRFT’s remixes. From Kylie’s “Wow” to Annie’s “Heartbeat,” the Canadian duo are pretty adept at giving songs a more indie-dance vibe. I first heard of the band with their remix of the Gossip’s “Listen Up” which is one of my hands-down favorite remixes ever. I’m a particular fan of a remixer that keeps the basic song structure but just amps the track up for dancefloor readiness.

The band have a new record slated for this year entitled “Fist of God” to be released in March. Not sure if “Bounce,” their last single released last April will make the cut, but I found it miles ahead of their mostly instrumental debut. And I can’t seem to get the line, “All I do is party… ah, ah, ah, ah” out of my head.



Listen Up! (MSTRKRFT Remix) – The Gossip

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