Monday, January 05, 2009

Made in the Dark

Best of 2008

Song: Made in the Dark
Artist: Hot Chip
Album: Made in the Dark

Hot Chip has been a slow build for me. I thought their debut was so-so, a little too dorky and jokey to take very seriously. The follow up, “The Warning” was a HUGE improvement… and while the jokey-ness was still there, there was also a new sense of depth, showcased best by “And I Was a Boy From School,” a beautiful mid-tempo electro track that was lyrically strong and emotionally evocative. I was excited for the follow up, and “Made in the Dark” delivered. First single “Ready for the Floor” became my favorite single of theirs ever and I think it’s one of the best songs of the year. The album itself was a marvel, and I actually think their best. It’s a good mix of upbeat and fun jams mixed with a surprising amount of ballads. And good ones.

My favorite hands down is the downbeat title track which I just loved. It’s a beautiful break-up ballad that was certainly unexpected from the kings of dork techno. It belongs in a movie, very cinematic and emotional.


Ready for the Floor

One Pure Thought

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