Friday, January 30, 2009

Fuck You

Song: Fuck You
Artist: Lily Allen
Album: It’s Not Me, It’s You

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the sophomore release from Britain’s spunky, potty-mouthed Lily Allen since her amazing debut “Alright Still.” A couple songs leaked from the record, including first single “The Fear,” which I thought was just okay. I’ve listened to it a bunch and it just hasn’t grabbed me as much as her other songs like “Smile,” “LDN,” as well as album tracks “Friday Night” and “Knock ‘Em Out.”

That said, I really love the video for it though… she is just too adorable:

What I am TOTALLY digging though is the foul-mouthed, super catchy ditty called… um, “Fuck You,” which is all you can ask from a Lily Allen song; fun, sing-a-long-able, and full of wicked spunk. Actually, if you’ll forgive me for getting a little political, this song has been on a constant rotation since Obama got in office and I’ve been hearing all of these whining Republicans upset about all of the policies he’s already put into action, and how “super-libral” and “homo-loving” the man and his policies are.

Well… for all of the Ann Coulter’s, Bill O’Reilly’s and Christianist crazies out there, I’l like to say… “fuck you, fuck you very very much!”


Because we hate you, and we hate you’re whole crew…

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