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Genius: We're From Barcelona / Tony the Beat

Genius’d Song: We’re From Barcelona
Artist: I’m From Barcelona
Album: Let Me Introduce My Friends

Selection: Tony the Beat
Artist: The Sounds
Album: Dying To Say This To You

Genius Results:

Song - Artist
We're From Barcelona - I'm From Barcelona
Oh Mandy - The Spinto Band
Get Myself Into It - The Rapture
Four to the Floor(Thin White Duke Remix) - Starsailor
Accident & Emergency - Patrick Wolf
She's Madonna - Robbie Williams
Heart Of Hearts - !!!
Made Up Lovesong #43 - Guillemots
Fa Fa Fa - Datarock
Little Bit (Eke Whaaa Edit) - Lykke Li
I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer - The Cardigans
I Feel Just Like A Child - Devendra Banhart
Walk Away (acoustic) - Franz Ferdinand
Amsterdam - Peter Bjorn & John
Tony The Beat - The Sounds
Collection Of Stamps - I'm From Barcelona
22 Grand Job - The Rakes
Overpowered - Roisin Murphy
Down Boy - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
The Past Is A Grotesque Animal - Of Montreal
Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above - CSS
Britney - I'm from Barcelona
The End Has No End - The Strokes
No Cars Go - The Arcade Fire
I'm Good, I'm Gone - Lykke Li

I’m From Barcelona

I'm from Barcelona is a pop group from Jönköping, Sweden, best known for its 30 band members and eclectic mix of instruments such as clarinets, saxophones, flutes, trumpets, banjos, accordions, kazoos, guitars, drums, and keyboards among others. While most band members provide backing vocals on releases and during live performances, Emanuel Lundgren is founder, principal songwriter and lead singer for the group.

In 2006 the band released an EP entitled Don't Give Up on Your Dreams, Buddy! as well as a full length album, Let Me Introduce My Friends - both of which were well-received critically. Their second full-length album, Who Killed Harry Houdini?, was released in October 2008.

Sometime in 2005 Emanuel Lundgren wrote several songs and gathered his friends to record them. Weeks later, a homemade EP was completed and a one-time live show featuring all 29 band members was performed in August 2005.
The end was not near for I'm from Barcelona, however, as the Swedish media and bloggers around the world started buzzing about the band. EMI Sweden signed the band and Dolores Recordings released the EP Don't Give Up On Your Dreams, Buddy! on 15 February 2006 featuring the bands first hit "We’re From Barcelona," named as an homage to Manuel, a character on BBC Television's Fawlty Towers’ (He’s from Barcelona).[1] Their debut full-length, entitled Let Me Introduce My Friends, was released on 26 April 2006 in Sweden, with international releases to follow including an EMI UK release on 11 September 2006.

In July 2008, it was announced that the band would be releasing a new, full-length album in Fall 2008, entitled Who Killed Harry Houdini? The album will feature French singer Soko on the track "Gunhild." The album is due October 14 and they are on tour around the UK finishing at the Scala, London on the 25th November 2008.

The Sounds

The Sounds are a post-punk revival band from Helsingborg, Sweden founded in 1999, not to be confused with the Finnish band The Sounds from the 1960s or the British The Sound.

Their musical style mixes punk and pop/electronica influences. Most songs make integrated use of synthesizers, and Maja Ivarsson provides a spunky vocal lead. The group is often compared to New Wave acts such as Blondie, The Cars, the Epoxies and Missing Persons.

Their debut album Living in America was released in 2002, with the follow up Dying to Say This to You on March 21, 2006. They are now working on their third album, but the release date is still unknown.

Lead singer Maja Ivarsson is outspoken in her ambition, claiming "I want to be the best female vocalist around...of at least this century".[1] She was also featured on Cobra Starship's "Snakes on a Plane (Bring It)", for the film Snakes on a Plane. In addition to Ivarsson's contribution to the Snakes soundtrack, the entire band is featured as track 6, "Queen of Apology," remixed by Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump.

Band members Jesper Anderberg and Felix Rodriguez have recently been working as songwriters for other artists, among them the Dutch pop band Krezip and the Swedish punk band Quit Your Dayjob.

For Krezip's latest album (Plug it In), the pair wrote three songs: "All My Life", "Play This Game With Me" and "You're Wrong". "All My Life" has been one of the most played songs of 2008 in Holland. Krezip's Album "Plug It In" was also produced by Adel Dahdal, who produced the The Sounds debut album "Living in America".

The Sounds were formed when childhood friends Felix Rodriguez and Johan Bengtsson decided to form a group amongst their high school friends, enlisting Fredrik Nilsson as drummer. Maja Ivarsson, named to Blender Magazine's "Hottest Women of ... Rock" list[2] was invited to join as the lead singer. The group met Jesper Anderberg by chance at the Hultsfred Festival. The band's name was decided months later during a trip to London.

Their debut album Living in America was recorded in Stockholm and Produced by Adel Dahdal who is a songwriter and producer in his own right. It earned them several "best newcomer" awards, a Grammis and a #4 position in the Swedish album charts, as well as establishing the band not only in Sweden but also in the United States. The band has played over 300 gigs since the album's release including participating in the 2004 Warped Tour. In 2006 they played again at Warped Tour but this time on main stage. and have toured with bands such as: the Foo Fighters, The Strokes, Morningwood, Angels & Airwaves, +44, Mando Diao and Panic at the Disco.

In the United States, the band has had several TV appearances and magazine articles and has reputedly built up a celebrity fan base that includes Brittany Burnett, Dave Grohl, Pharrell, Quentin Tarantino, Thomas Johnson and Robin Botten, Bam Margera and his wife Missy, David Desrosiers, Ben Khodadad and Britney Spears. Dave Grohl wore a red Sounds T-shirt in the Foo Fighters' Times Like These video. The band has stated several times that it relies on word of mouth and concerts to promote its music.

The second album, Dying to Say This to You was recorded at Studio 880 in Oakland, California, and produced by Jeff Saltzman (producer of The Killers' Hot Fuss). They started the European leg of their tour in September and in October toured with Panic! at the Disco which included dates in London and several other major European cities. Following this tour, The Sounds made another run of the United States, starting with a Myspace secret show in Miami, Florida on Halloween and then stopping at 10 major cities from coast to coast with supporting act Shiny Toy Guns. All together, The Sounds played over 200 shows in 2006, over half of which were in the United States.
In early October 2007, The Sounds wrapped up their worldwide tour in Western Europe and Australia.

The band has to date sold almost 500,000 records worldwide.
The Sounds are currently working with producer Mark Saunders on their next album
One of the band's songs, "Hurt You", was used in a Geico television commercial that originally aired in September 2008

We’re From Barcelona

Paper Planes

Tony the Beat

Seven Days a Week

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