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Genius: Digital Ghost / Insoluble

Genius’d Song: Digital Ghost
Artist: Tori Amos
Album: American Doll Posse

Selection: Insoluble
Artist: Dave Gahan
Album: Hourglass

Genius Results:

Song - Artist
Digital Ghost - Tori Amos
Not Ready To Love - Rufus Wainwright
Lay Me Down - Cyndi Lauper
Monster love - Goldfrapp
The Great Beyond - Aimee Mann
Oh Well - Fiona Apple
John, Let Me Go - Sondre Lerche
Northern Lad - Tori Amos
Picture Perfect - Nelly Furtado
Movie Theme - Beck
The Greater Good - Nine Inch Nails
Koko - Goldfrapp
Elephants - Rachael Yamagata
Pretty Things - Rufus Wainwright
Chances Are - Sheryl Crow
Insoluble - Dave Gahan
Almost Rosey - Tori Amos
Ludlow Street - Suzanne Vega
Volcano - Beck
It's Over - Aimee Mann
Rain On Me - Cyndi Lauper
Slideshow - Rufus Wainwright
Well Well Well - Sondre Lerche
One Night - Travis
Liquid Diamonds - Tori Amos

American Doll Posse
American Doll Posse is the ninth studio album by singer-songwriter Tori Amos. The album, like her previous three, is a concept album, with the 23-track American Doll Posse entailing five female personae Amos developed based on Greek mythology. Musically, the album is a drastic departure for Amos. Having stated that the box set A Piano: The Collection (2006) was the summation of her previous work and the end of an era, the album elicits a new chapter in her career and is her heaviest, most rock-influenced album to date.
American Doll Posse serves as Amos' third and final album under her contract with record label Epic, as Amos announced a year after the album's release that she would be operating independently of major record labels.

Following songwriting during and after Amos' five-month solo tour in 2005, recording sessions commenced in June 2006 with longtime collaborators Matt Chamberlin on percussion, Jon Evans on bass, and Mac Aladdin on guitars at Martian Engineering in Cornwall, like all of Amos' albums since From the Choirgirl Hotel (1998). Due to the musical composition and nature of the album, Amos' principal band mates were present in the recording studio from the beginning of the recording session. After a month of tracking work, Amos continued editing and recording for the remainder of the year, as well as working on the promotion for her career-spanning box set A Piano: The Collection. Mixing work was completed by February 2007, and the album title was announced through a press release on February 20.

Prior to its release, Amos revealed that the album is political in nature:

“ The main message of my new album is: the political is personal. This as opposed to the feminist statement from years ago that the personal is political. I know it has been said that it goes both ways, but we have to turn it around. We have to think like that. I’m now taking on subjects that I could not have been able to take on in my twenties. With Little Earthquakes I took on more personal things. But if you are going to be an American woman in 2007 with a real view on what is going on, you need to be brave, and you need to know that some people won’t want to look at it.”

While Amos had hinted that she may bring back both the harpsichord (last used on Boys for Pele) and the Wurlitzer (used on Strange Little Girls and Scarlet's Walk), only the latter appeared on the track "Dark Side of the Sun". Before the album's release, she made several comments about bringing a "warrior woman" out, as well as stating that the record would be a very different chapter from what has come before.

The Doll Posse
The "American Doll Posse" of the title consists of five different female characters that Amos developed, representing different aspects of her own personality:

“ What I'm trying to tell other women is they have their own version of the compartmentalised feminine which may have been repressed in each one of them. For many years I have been an image; that isn’t necessarily who I am completely. I have made certain choices and that doesn’t mean that those choices are the whole story. I think these women are showing me that I have not explored honest extensions of the self who are now as real as the redhead.”


Hourglass is the second solo album by Depeche Mode's singer Dave Gahan. It was released by Mute Records on October 22, 2007 in Europe, and received generally favorable reviews. Most critics complimented its electronica sound, while a minority criticized it for sounding too similar to Depeche Mode. The album leaked onto file sharing websites in September 2007, despite the songs being protected by audiomarks.

Tori Amos – Bouncing Off Clouds

Tori Amos – Big Wheel

Dave Gahan - Kingdom

Dave Gahan – Saw Something

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