Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mind in the Gutter

Song: Mind in the Gutter
Artist: Chris Crocker
Album: Turned On

So what’s worse than Britney Spears? How about a “personality” that basically only exists because of the pop star? Chris Crocker was just another YouTube/MySpace nobody, trying to make a name for himself from his home recorded videos he posted on his page. It all came together when he recorded this, now infamous:

With the public’s obsession with Britney on full tilt, Crocker, arguably by default, became a blog/internet/media sensation when the above was posted after Brit’s disastrous VMA performance on MTV. So what has he done with this notoriety? He apparently is shooting a show for Logo, and also is working on a music album.

Frankly, I couldn’t stand this kid much from what I’ve seen but I write about him today for a couple reasons. One, he did become a true viral sensation by being himself. And by that I mean very very gay. Sure there is a chance that his personality had a laugh-at-the-freak quality, but for anyone to take note of someone so unapologetically gay (and totally on his terms as well) is rather important in a country where it is still so controvertial.

Added to that his music, based on the leaked first single “Mind in the Gutter” is aimed pretty much squarely at gay male fans of Britney’s techno-pop style. Sure it’s a little pop eating itself, but the truth is, for WHAT it is it’s actually pretty good. I think its fun, catchy, and totally what this guy should be doing.

And while you may question the relevance of this “artist” I for one think it’s so refreshing to hear a man sing about another man delivered to the men that enjoy that kind of thing. And it’s got a good beat and you can dance to it.


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